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Jainism and buddhism during the vedic period, people who reacted against the rigid social hierarchy and against the religious monopoly of the brahmins would withdraw into the forests where they pursued salvation through yoga spiritual and mental discipline, special diets, or meditation. Ppt hinduism and buddhism powerpoint presentation free. Theyll give your presentations a professional, memorable appearance the kind of sophisticated look that todays audiences expect. Conclusion for project on jainism and buddhism 1640232 jainism and buddhism though at first glance may appear to share great deals in common, are not very much alike. Jainism and buddhism, among others, reflected a powerful systematic and philosophical departure from the massive and elaborate vedic sacrifices and ceremonies. Write down any 5 similarities between jainism and buddhism. Jainism and buddhism share many features, terminology and ethical principles, but emphasize them differently. Five great events of buddhas life and their symbols. What are the similarities and differences between jainism. Download the original attachment antiquity of jainism professor mahavir saran jain lord mahavira is not the founder of jainism.

Indian history quizmcqsonline tests jainismmahavira. On the other hand, there are the lay people, who pursue less rigorous practices, striving only to do good deeds and hoping for a better incarnation in the next life. Jain history power point authorstream presentation. Organization of jainism the 2 sects of jainism digambar and svetambar divided 200 years after mahavira achieved enlightenment. Buddhism is the middle way of wisdom and compassion. Jainism is also a polytheistic religion and its goals are based on nonviolence and liberation the soul. Samkhya, yoga, nyaya, charvaka, buddhism, jainism are all part of it. Ppt jainism powerpoint presentation free to download. Buddhism is a polytheistic religion and its main goal is to gain enlightenment. Svetambaras believe the split occurred when the chief monk acharyabhadrabahu predicted a 12 year famine, and lead 12,000 digambar followers to southern india.

Jainism vardhamana mahavira ancient indian history notes for upsc vardhana mahavira was the 24th tirthankara a great teacher and is said to have propounded jainism. Pali scriptures describes that gautama buddha was aware of mahaviras existence as well as his community of monks. On the one hand, there are the monks, who practice severe asceticism and strive to make this life their last. There are very strong similarities between buddhism and jainism but there are also a number of major differences as well. Buddhism is centered upon the life and teachings of gautama buddha, whereas jainism is centered on the life and teachings of mahavira. During the vedic period, a large number of cities came into existence in northeastern india. Ethically, buddhism and jainism share a great deal. Jainism lays heavy emphasis on nonviolence ahimsa and the believers of this religion, whether a monk or a householder, follow a very strict, well disciplined life. In fact, the householders are supposed to evolve to the monkhood in the later stages of life as was the case with the hinduism in the vedic era. Spread of jainism and buddhism part 1 self study history. The founders of these religions have similar stories. Jainism and buddhism had largest number of followers among the mercantile class.

For example, all three traditions share a notion of karma as the actions of individuals that determine their future births, yet each has attached unique connotations to the. Download jainism powerpoint templates for your presentations. Jainism and buddhism both jainism and buddhism start in the 6th century bc, and they have similar backgrounds. Representation of jainism and buddhism in indian history. Worlds best powerpoint templates crystalgraphics offers more powerpoint templates than anyone else in the world, with over 4 million to choose from. Buddhism and jainism originated from the prevailing pessimism of the time and both the creeds had some common points. Spread of jainism and buddhism part 1 emergence of heterodox sects. Hinduism and buddhism is the property of its rightful. It is very true that buddhism and jainism use a lot of very similar terminology, but these are mostly terms that were floating around among the shramanas ascetics for some time. Shvetambara monks are allowed to retain a few possessions such as a robe, an alms bowl, a whisk broom, and a mukhavastrika a piece of cloth held over the mouth to protect against the ingestion of small insects, which are presented by a senior monk at the time of initiation. Jainism and buddhism during the vedic period, people who reacted against the rigid social hierarchy and against the religious monopoly of the brahmins would withdraw into the forests where they pursued salvation through yoga spiritual and.

The origin of jainism jainism doesnt have a single founder. Winner of the standing ovation award for best powerpoint templates from presentations magazine. New cities such as kausambi near allahabad, kusinagar in the deoria district of uttar pradesh, banaras, vaisah in the newly created district, of the same name in north bihar, chirand in the chapra district and rajgir situated at a distance of about 100 km from patna. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The changing features of social and economic life, such as the growth of towns, expansion of the artisan class, and the rapid development of trade and commerce were closely linked with changes in another sphere. Infact, they are together called indian school of philosophy which have their own theories and principles.

Buddhism and jainism were not related to each other as parent or child but rather children of common parent, born at different intervals, though at about the same period of time and marked by distinct characteristics, though possession a strong f. In jainism, the dharma conduct or path of the householder is distinguished from the conduct of an ascetic. Due to the strict ethics embedded in jainism, the laity. His name was siddhartha and he belonged to the gautama gotra.

There is a ceremony of welcoming in buddhism known as the three gems or three jewels, and in both hinduism and buddhism there is the use of the term sharanam meaning to take refuge or shelter in the cosmology, but there is no formal conversion. Indus valley civilization early vedic civilization later vedic civilization buddhism jainism 16 mahajanapadas rise of magadha haryankadynasty sisunaga dynasty nandas alexander invasions on india mauryan empire sungas kanvas indogreeks guptas harshavardhana satavahanas sangam age kushanskanishka badami chalukyas kalyani chalukyas pallavas. Learn more about this topic with the lesson titled jainism vs. The sacrificial ceremonies were also found to be too expensive. Mahavira and gautama buddha are generally accepted as contemporaries. Buddhism vs jainism difference and comparison diffen. Jainism jainism ritual practices and religious institutions. Jainism, hinduism, and buddhism share many key concepts derived from the sanskrit language and dialects that have enabled them to hone their religious debates. When he was 30, he left his wealth behind and spent 12 years living a disciplined lifestyle and searched for the truth. The analyses of academic views concerning jainism and buddhism as part of the greater magadha culture, recent archaeological evidence, and new postulations on the influence of north indian philosophers provide a greater understanding of core jain beliefs, and the subsequent influence of the jain community in india. Jainism and jain way of life philosophy, religion, and a way of life by. Buddhism and jainism are two ancient indian religions that developed in magadha and continue to thrive in the modern age. Jainism buddhism religion indian history dinesh miglani buying pendrive ssc cat ipm 9215514435 duration. The revolution the development of mystical thought in buddhism.

James kenneth powell ii, this piece offers a fairly thorough and basic introduction to the ancient jain tradition and compares it. Jainism the way of nonviolence disengagement from the world jainism is part of shramana world renouncing movement that also spawned buddhism disengagement from the world dual drives. He has shown the similarities between old jainism and old buddhism and proved that both were one and the same at their base. Since gautama buddha, founder of buddhism, belonged to the same region of magadha as mahavira the 24th tirthankar of jainism, and because both were contemporaries, it was assumed erroneously. Ppt buddhism and jainism powerpoint presentation free. Jainism does appear to be an older spiritual tradition out of which buddhism may have grown take this quick. Jainism ritual practices and religious institutions.

There is no conversion in the jain, hindu nor buddhist religions. Second, there grew a monotheistic movement which denied the necessity, if not also the reality. Sravakadharma is the religious path for the virtuous householders, where charity and worship are the primary duties. Jainism and buddhism share many features including much of the same terminology. Historical facts 2 agriculture begins in india 8500 7000 yrs ago regionalization era rural 7000 4600 yrs ago indus civilization urbanization 4600 3500 yrs ago aryan invasions dravids migrate 3500 3300 yrs ago rigvedic period hinduism begins 3300 3000 yrs ago. Among the notable contemporaries of mahavira was gautam buddha, the founder of buddhism. The dharma of a householders consists of observance of twelve vows i. Jainism was founded by a man named vardhamana, who was born into a wealthy, powerful family. Spread of jainism and buddhism part 2 self study history.

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